How to be confident

You might be smarter than Joe but you have no confidence that Joe is getting ahead of you. The confident one a lot of times looks better, looks more skilled, and smarter.

in any situation

  • be non-reactive: stay silent under pressure, take a pause to think, do not fidget if things started to get a bit hot
  • Stop trying to convince people: frame yourself as an equal, don’t be afraid to walk away
  • It’s the experience that matters, detach yourself from results: you are never not learning
  • Believe that everything is going to be ok, because IT IS.

be proud of what you have

  • All that you own, talent, hobbies, and friends are great and you can talk endlessly about them, all that you are even your imperfections are great, funny, and cute.
  • Show what you enjoy. Have a good social media presence.


  • Be present, listen, and focus on others.
  • Stop thinking about how others will perceive you and act the way that makes sense to you.

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