quick fix 3 3 3 rule

  • name 3 things you see
  • name 3 things you hear
  • name 3 parts of your body

this should bring you back to the present

quick fix no past

There’s absolutely no reason you need to keep identifying with the past. If you disagree, give this exercise of shot.

Imagine for a second that you literally have no past that your life simply began right now. You’re just aware of what is here and now aware of the text you are reading on your screen, aware of where you are right now reading this, and aware of the sounds inside of your head that we call thoughts. Still, those thoughts are no longer personal because you are not the past, you are simply the awareness of what is here and now.

focus on others

  • focus on creating a moment in the present.
  • think about the people around you.

forget about the past

  • learn don’t dwell, and see what you should have done instead.
  • stop thinking about the future or past, and say things about the present even if it’s lame.


Living my day-to-day life I would randomly say negative things mostly about myself, it is because my brain got so used to reliving bad experiences that when it wonders, it always ends up there. It has gotten so much worse that it made me realize I’m not going to get into relationships like this, I’m not going to enjoy anything in life like this. I learned that mindfulness will help. What is your reason? write it down.

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